Transfer a company to Switzerland

With the “Relocation” service, our specialists are able to provide complete assistance to people who wish to transfer a company to Switzerland or set up a new one. The service includes also the search for a home, the choice of school for children and the organization of the move. Not to mention the request for work and residence permits. It also offers tax agreement for a lump sum taxation for foreign nationals who are domiciled in Switzerland.

Transfer a company or a residence to Switzerland entails considerable competitive advantages. Switzerland is definitely a very favorable environment for new entrepreneurial initiatives, with minimal bureaucracy and qualified and multilingual human resources. Moreover it offers a highly professional international banking system and, last but not least, low levels of taxation.


The Relocation service is designed for both companies and individuals

Relocation for companies
For those who decide to transfer an existing company to Switzerland or set up a new one, the World Trade Center can offer specific advice. With over 20 years of experience we can support you in all the administrative and bureaucratic steps.
Relocation for individuals
For individuals who decide to move to Ticino for works or personal reasons, our qualified team can support them in all administrative and placement procedures. Starting from the search for a private home or the choice of school for their children, to the organization of the move. Not to mention the obtainment of work and residence permits or the signature of a tax agreement for a lump sum taxation.

A team of experts always by your side and at your complete disposal


Renato Dellea


Leonardo Cavalleri


We gained over 25 years of experience and a deep knowledge of the area


Reliable services

Our solid experience allows us to establish an excellent network of relationships with local administrations and external partners. This is ensured by our 25 years of activity and a deep knowledge of the territory.

One of the most requested service is the search of the ideal home. Along with that, the most relevant are the start of bureaucratic and administrative procedures and the consultancy when signing a lease or an act of purchase.

According to the customer’s specific needs, we can offer a full range of additional services. Not only the assistance for the application for a residence and work permit, but also the advice and management of insurance claims, handling of car import procedures, etc.

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